December 11, 2010

Proclamation of the Republic – Burkina Faso 

On December 11, 1958, this African nation (then called the Republic of Upper Volta) achieved self-government although not complete independence from France.

The name Burkina Faso, which was adopted in 1984, means “the land of upright people” in the languages of Moore and Dioula.

The earlier name, Upper Volta, comes from the name of three of the rivers that cross the country: Black Volta, White Volta, and Red Volta.

Burkina Faso is a landlocked nation located inside the “bulge” of Western Africa. It is fairly flat, and it has seasonal rain-and-flooding and then weather characterized by a hot, dry wind blowing in from the Sahara Desert. It is one of the poorest countries in the world.

  • Here is a short video about an African film festival that brings about a million visitors to Burkina Faso each year. The narrator tells us that some merchants are able to make more money in one week, selling goods to festival-goers, than many of their countrymen make in TEN YEARS

  • Here is a challenging geography worksheet featuring Burkina Faso. 

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