October 31, 2011 - Halloween

Halloween is big where I live, in Southern California. People decorate the outsides of their homes, work on costumes and jack-o-lanterns, and go (often multiple times) to haunted
attractions such as houses, theme parks, and corn mazes. People often spend a lot of money on treats to hand out to strangers who come trick-or-treating...I would say that Halloween is the second most popular, most big-deal holiday around here, after Christmas!

Last year's post describes how this holiday got its start.

Some coincidence of events include:

  • On a day when people often talk about mystery... on Halloween, 1892, the book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (written by Arthur Canon Doyle) was first published.
  • On a day when people often talk about magic...on Halloween, 1926, Harry Houdini (perhaps the most famous magician of all time) died.
  • On a day when people dress up as skeletons and ghosts...on Halloween, 1961, Joseph Stalin's dead-and-embalmed body was removed from Lenin's grave.
You could celebrate Halloween in a most unusual way...such as reading a story about Sherlock Holmes, learning a magic trick, or trying to find out what the Russians (or, rather, the Soviets) did with Stalin's body!

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