October 25 – International Artists Day

Posted on October 25, 2014

Art is a priceless painting hanging in a museum...and a well-designed computer.

Art is a gorgeous dress...and a statue made of finest marble.

Art is an amazing dance number...and a soaring building.

Art is so many things: paintings and drawings and photography, sculpture and ceramics and collage, metalwork and textile / fiber crafts, literature and performance arts, fashion design and architecture, jewelry making and glass blowing and industrial design and book binding and interior design and and and...

Today, take the time to enjoy the works of your favorite artist (from whatever field of art)! Or write a fan letter to someone who doesn't yet know how her or his work touches you. Or explore galleries and craft shops to discover a new favorite!

Here are some artists whose work I like...and they are from all around the globe:

Ugandan artist Maria Naita

A Maori meeting house in the Auckland War
Memorial Museum in New Zealand

Danish architect Bjarke Ingels

Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes

U.S. glass artist Dale Chihuly
Interior design featuring Bambara
sculpture from Mali

Australian choreographer Wade Robson

German mixed-media artist Tilman Hornig
Korean photographer Ahn Sun Mi
Thai fashion designer Vickteerut
Canadian weaver Barbara Heller

Paraguayan folk artist Fermina Benitez has created an estimated 100,000 of these chickens!

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