June 4 – National Trails Day

Posted on June 4, 2016

Hiking, biking, and horseback riding, paddling and bird watching, geocaching – all the fun outdoor stuff is happening today in various places all across the U.S. There are also demonstrations of hiking (etc.!) gear, and there are projects aimed at care for trails.

Did you know that America has about 200,000 miles of trails? All of this is a great resource for people's health and well-being – and we're talking about mental health as well as physical! Being outdoors is good for us, and exercising is good for us, so naturally exercising outdoors is really good for us!

Construction of trails and maintenance of trails takes a lot of planning and labor. Thousands of volunteers work on trails each year – so today is a great day to thank them.

Check out the official website to find National Trails Day events. 

National Trails Day is always the first Saturday in June. But any day can be a day to explore trails, work on trails, or thank others for their work on trails.

Don't know where to go to find local trails? Here are some ideas:
  • Google “local hiking trails” and “volunteer trail maintenance” to find nearby trails.
  • I found reviews of local trails on Yelp!
  • Check with your parks and rec department.

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