June 5 - World Environment Day

Posted on June 5, 2018

We've had the more popular and famous Earth Day (April 22) and lots of other environment-oriented holidays (such as Greenpeace Day and World Soil Day and Clean Up the World Weekend). Today is yet another - this one promoted by the United Nations.

What environmental issue seems most important to you? 

What issues do you work on?

Remember the advice that we should "Think Globally, Act Locally."

Climate change is a HUGELY important issue, because it affects everyone in the whole world - and other animals and oceans and forests and all the other sorts of environments. So...we should all be aware of this global issue.

But such a huge problem can seem overwhelming. The "act locally" part of the advice is important. If each of us tries our best to reduce our own carbon footprint, and we all support local businesses that consider climate change in their technologies and practices, and we elect local governments that are dedicated to reducing global warming...then all of that local change adds up to a big effort in the right direction.

Other large-scale problems include air and water pollution and overpopulation. 

Here are some ideas for acting locally - in your own home and life.

Look for a local issue concerning preservation of open spaces and/or wildlife, such as saving a wildlife corridor or a bit of wilderness near your city or town.

Is the national or state park nearest you struggling with preserving its land against drilling or mining? Are tourists overcrowding the park? Can new policies help preserve the geological features or living things that the park was created to protect? 

Here is an article to help you think about problems facing our national parks.

Are there local farmers who are trying to grow food in ways that are healthier to people and to the larger environment? If so, can you support them with your shopping dollars - and can you raise awareness of their efforts so that others can do the same?

Here is a resource to help you find such farmers.

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