June 13 - Yukon!

Posted on June 13, 2018

Canada has ten provinces. But it also has three territories, which are all found north of the provinces, and all of which have sparser population.

The Yukon Territory (which is now officially known as just "Yukon," but which still uses the two-letter postal code YT), was carved out of the Northwest Territories on this date in 1898.

Yukon is a great place to spot wildlife...

...to investigate the history of the Klondike Gold Rush...

...to enjoy an emerald-colored lake...

...to enjoy rugged, jagged mountains...

...to add to the Sign Post Forest, which was begun when a U.S. soldier who was repairing signposts decided to add a signpost pointing out the direction and mileage to his own hometown in Illinois. That was in 1942. The unexpected sign inspired a few more people to add signs, and by 1990 there were 10 unusual and surprising signs in one small vicinity in Yukon.

But  then - ba-boom! Just like a viral video taking off, people realized that there was something going on with a small stretch of the Alaska Highway, the bit near Watson Lake, Yukon...and they began to add signs from their own towns or cities or countries. And some people made their own signs. And now...

Now there are more than 77 THOUSAND signs there!

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