June 17 – National Garbage Man Day

Posted on June 17, 2018

Keeping our cities, towns, and rural areas clean and safe.

What could be more important?

And yet people in the waste management industry are often looked down on, as if they - or at least their jobs - were trash because they deal with trash! 

Whenever there is a garbage-collection strike, oh, boy, THEN people realize how desperately important these jobs are!!!

Today's holiday helps us to recognize this important job sector without having the discomfort of bags of rotting, smelly, rat-infested garbage piling up!!

By the way, although it is called "Garbage MAN Day," there are women who work in waste management, as well. And nowadays special machinery and vehicles make upper body strength less important, so people of all varieties can participate in these jobs. Note that the logo (seen at the top of the article) shows a woman and a man. 

Loads of little kids love watching garbage trucks in action. And I love the fact that there are so many different shapes and colors: 

Including all the colors at once:

Also on this date:

(Third Sunday in June)

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