June 25 – Leon Day

Posted on June 25, 2018

Have you ever heard of a half-birthday celebration? That's when, exactly half a year after someone's birthday, that someone celebrates again...being 4 and a half, or 10 and a half, or whatever it may be.

Some people have fun with the half theme and create a tall half cake and cut paper party hats in half and so forth. It can be pretty adorable.

Most of us don't do that, but I've notice that some people do it because their birthday always falls on a REALLY inconvenient day. Like January 1 - when everyone is really busy with New Years. Or December 25 (Christmas), or July 4 (for U.S. folks, Independence Day), or October 31 (Halloween).

Well, today is a little bit like that half birthday thing - Leon Day is exactly half a year away from Christmas! It's called Leon Day because "LEON" is "NOEL" backwards. 

Now, why would anyone want to celebrate Christmas in June?

Many people in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate Christmas, and like everyone else, they celebrate it on December 25. But in the Southern Hemisphere, December is summer! So folks "down there" don't get the whole "White Christmas" snow stuff, it's harder to truly enjoy spiced cider and hot chocolate on Christmas morning, and most Christmas movies and carols mismatch their seasons.

So maybe it is fun for some Southern Hemisphere types to celebrate a mini-Christmas during the winter! I mean, the only better than Christmas is TWO Christmases, right?

This June 25 Christmas event is held in South Africa.

Some Northern Hemisphere people also like to celebrate a June Christmas, because they like to play on the typical traditions and upend them with summertime tropes. Like having the Christmas tree being a palm tree that's strung with lights? Maybe presents plunked onto flip-flops or maybe stuffed into swim fins? Creative types could re-write Christmas carols ("I'm dreaming of a hot Christmas!") or gain inspiration from what people in the Southern Hemisphere do every year: Surfing Santa who gives out treats on the beach, or Christmas ham and holiday dishes at an outdoor picnic, even decorating outdoor trees with cotton balls to represent snow!

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