June 28 - Tau Day

                                                                                        Posted on June 28, 2018

Given the popularity of Pi Day on March 14 (the mathematical constant pi being 3.14), it would seem obvious that Tau Day (June 28, because the mathematical constant tau is 6.28) would also catch on.

After all, pi is the irrational number formed when the circumference of a circle is divided by diameter of that circle...

And tau is the irrational number formed when the circumference of a circle is divided by radius of that circle. 

The two mathematical constants are really similar - but we use the radius, not the diameter, in most circle descriptions and definitions. So many argue that tau is better than pi, and we should certainly celebrate it as often or more.

But...but Pi Day has all those circular pies, and everyone likes pie...and...and is there anything even remotely delicious called tau?


Since tau is equal to two time pi, I guess we have to have TWO pies on Tau Day! And that makes Tau Day twice as nice, am I right?

If you need more convincing, check out math YouTuber Vi Hart!

Here are a few more Tau Day memes:

You may be wondering what gives with the black-and-white circle design. This ying-yang symbol is the symbol of Taoism, which is a Chinese religion or philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony, cycles of nature, and balance between opposites. The fact that the black part of the design is a mirror image of the white part helps us to picture the importance of darkness AND light, day as well as night, ugliness alongside beauty.

The fact that the symbol of Tao is based on circles is one thing that makes Tau Day pretty rad! So, ying-yang-symbol pies?

Or some other ying-yang-based treat?


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