June 5, 2012 - Apple II Day

On this date in 1977, the first highly successful “personal computer” (a microcomputer meant for a home) went on sale for the first time: the Apple II. Incredibly expensive, large in physical size, and small in memory size and computing power, compared to computers these days, the Apple II was still AMAZING at the time!

It was a computer that didn't cost ten thousand dollars and that didn't fill a room. A computer that just an average person could afford and house and learn to use.

(An average person like me! I loved my Apple II, and later my Apple II-GS and Apple IIe!)

There was a ton of excitement, at the time, with all sorts of new kinds of products available to home computer users for the first time. We marveled at the concept of word processors, spreadsheets, spell checkers, and publishing programs. We were excited to be able to own paint programs and graphics tablets. We learned BASIC and other programming languages, and we had massive numbers of “floppy disks” (I used 5-1/4-inch disks for years, and finally switched to 3-1/2-inch disks. Now, of course, we use CDs and DVDs.)
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