August 26 – National Toilet Paper Day

Posted on August 26, 2015

According to Quilted Northern Toilet Paper, August 26, 1871, was the first time that toilet paper was ever sold on a roll.

That explains why today is National Toilet Paper Day, but how do people celebrate National Toilet Paper Day?

Well, the best way is to really sit around and consider how much less comfortable life would be if there were no such thing as toilet paper. Obviously, a lot of people lived a lot of days before this date in 1871 – what did they use or do? Is toilet paper in other countries as soft as Charmin or Quilted Northern?

So, enjoy your plentiful, soft toilet paper – don't take it for granted!

Here are some other ways to celebrate the day:

  • Of course, sometimes toilet paper companies celebrate their special day in a special way. For example, in 2011 Charmin set a new world's record for World's Largest Toilet Roll. The record-setting roll was 8 feet high and 9 feet wide. It contained over one MILLION square feet of paper! A manager at the P&G Paper Products Company said that it would take about 95 thousand rolls of toilet paper to equal that amount of paper!

  • Some crafty people like to create things out of toilet paper. For example, here is a toilet paper wedding dress crafted by Judith Henry.

  • TP something!

    (Note: Toilet papering houses, cars, and so on can be against the law. Make sure you have permission of the owner of said house or car. Also, be sure to clean up the TP yourself; don't contribute to a blown litter problem.

    For ideas of beautiful TPing, check out
    this earlier post.  )

  • I guess that some hosts make their toilet paper pretty before guests come. (I guess that some hosts have too much time on their hands.)

  • Use some of those cardboard rolls that toilet paper comes on in some crafty or artistic way.

Did you know...?

  • The hottest controversy in toilet paper is whether to hang rolls with sheets going over or under the roll. I'm firmly in the “over” camp – and according to ABC News, 72 percent of Americans agree.

  • According to The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia, more than half of men surveyed either folded or stacked toilet paper before use, and more than half of women surveyed grabbed and wadded TP before use. It basically evens out, with almost half of us folding and half of us wadding. The remaining 20% are a mystery – most of them claim to do both, depending!
I read in one source that there was a rumor
that German people generally fold TP, while
American generally crumple it. (Of course,
crumpling and wadding are the same thing, when
it comes to toilet paper.) But there didn't seem
to be any evidence to back the claim!
  • Some other ways to use toilet paper is to wipe noses and eyeglasses (but not with the same squares, please!), to cover toilet seats, to remove makeup, and to keep fragile items safe when storing or shipping. And of course to TP houses and cars and brides!

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