August 26, 2012 - Heroes' Day in Namibia

Like so many other places, the dry lands of Namibia had been ruled by various outsider groups and governments, including Germany and South Africa.

This patriotic holiday commemorates the Namibian War of Independence, which began on this date in 1966. Namibians didn't succeed in winning full independence from South Africa until 1990.

The nation is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. This is because of the vast Namib Desert, which lies along the Atlantic coast. (It is surprising to me to have a desert alongside the ocean!) This is oldest desert in the world. Part of the desert is covered in “sand seas,” or sand dunes; these dunes are the second largest in the world—up to 980 feet high!

The coastal part of the Namib Desert has more than 180 days of thick fog each year. The fog has led to many shipwrecks—more than 1,000 wrecks are strewn along the “Skeleton Coast”—but does provide moisture for the desert plants and creatures. There is a richer diversity of life forms in this desert than in any other desert on Earth, including even wild horses!


Here is a gorgeous video of the Namib Desert, including the famous sand dunes. 
 Some people ski down the sand dunes, just as they would down snowy mountains, as you can see in this video

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