August 26 – National Dog Day

Posted August 26, 2013

This day is a celebration of all dogs—pedigreed purebred dogs as well as “mutts”—and holiday originators urge us to either purchase dogs from reputable breeders or adopt dogs from rescue organizations or pounds. In other words, no puppy mills!

How will you celebrate National Dog Day? Will you give your dog a spa treatment or a special meal? Will you outfit your dog with a t-shirt that matches your own tee? Will you stoop for a photo shoot or take an extra-long walk with your dog?

Those who don't own a dog can still donate money to humane societies or rescue shelters.

Read, or watch, or sing!

One way of celebrating dogs is to enjoy some of the art and movies, songs and books created about dogs. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Favorite dog movie: Lady and the Tramp

Favorite dog book: The Incredible Journey, by Sheila Burnford

(Favorite book with dog as a supporting character: One Is One, by Barbara Leonie Picard. Warning: it's a super sad book! But I loved it as a child!)

Favorite dog song: I Wanna Be a Dog 

Favorite dog art: colorful dog portraits by Michel Keck and Heather Galler

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Plan ahead:

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