May 6 - Day of Bravery in Bulgaria

Posted on May 6, 2020

Military parades and fireworks give the hint: today's Bulgarian holiday is not necessarily meant to honor all kinds of bravery, but rather the kind of warrior bravery seen in armed forces.

It's also St. George's Day (see "Đurđevdan" listing below, under "Also on this date") - and St. George is considered the patron saint of Bulgaria's armed forces.

Like so many other things, I'm sure that parades are out of the question during a pandemic, but maybe the people of Sofia (the capital city) can watch a big fireworks show from their windows and balconies, porches and rooftops? 

Bulgaria is perhaps a spot many of us have never visited. I have featured photos of my favorite sightseeing destination (Buzludzha) I'd LOVE to see, if I ever get to go to Bulgaria, in this earlier post. 

Here are a few more cool things to see:

The Bulgarian State Monument:

This monument is huge and looms over the town of Shumen like a dark and ominous presence! Built in 1981, during Bulgaria's communist years, the monument commemorates around 1,300 years of Bulgarian history.

Some figures are hidden in nooks and crannies
of the monument.

The monument is massive.

The Eyes of God:

These natural holes in a cave system really do look like they are eye-shaped!

The Monument to the Soviet Army:

This wouldn't be that amazing to see, except...
this relief monument has been repainted several
times in protest. And THAT would be amazing to see!

(First Wednesday of May)

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