May 22 - Canadian Immigrants Day

Posted on May 22, 2020

Today is supposed to be about celebrating people who immigrated to the United States from Canada.

I read that the Canadian/U.S. border (including the Alaskan border) is the longest in the world that is not patrolled by military forces. Even though Canada is the second largest nation in the world (after Russia), it's # 39 in population. Actually, most of the nation is very sparsely populated, with an average of 10 people per square mile (4  people per square kilometer).

Compare that to population density numbers for a few other nations:

  • Singapore - 20,445 people / square mile
  • Bangladesh - 3,033 people / square mile
  • United Kingdom - 725 people / square mile
  • China - 377 people / square mile
  • United States - 87 people / square mile
  • Canada - 10 people / square mile
  • Mongolia - 5 people / square mile

WHAT a huge difference, huh?

The thing is that most of the people who live in Canada live within a few hundred miles of the U.S. No wonder more Canadians immigrate to the U.S. than to any other nation - Canadians are quite likely to have at least some friends or family who live in the U.S., and they might get an opportunity to work in the U.S.

I live in the United States and would love to immigrate to Canada if it were easy to do so. I know a lot of Americans who feel the same way - too many of us, as a matter of fact! 

Here are a few of my favorite Canadian immigrants:

Will Arnett - actor, comedian, voice artist, and host of LEGO Masters

Samantha Bee - actor, comedian, host of Full Frontal

Nathan Fillion - actor, famous for Firefly, Castle, and The Rookie

Sandra Oh - actor from TV and movies

singers Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morissette 

There are SO MANY others, too many to list! 

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