May 11 - Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn Dias

Posted on May 11, 2020

So many people want to become actors! The fame! The fortune! The chance to get paid for playing make-believe!

Of course, acting is one of the performance arts, and therefore actors are artists as well as performers. But what-oh-what is a "voice artist"?

Is a voice artist an actor? 


Animated shorts, animated series, and animated feature-length movies are all popular, and to some extent have become more and more popular. (To some extent animation used to be seen as a for-kids kind of thing, but now it's a for-everybody kind of thing!)

And animated characters need somebody to give voice to their roles. A lot of times, those voices are provided by people who are already super famous - like Dory-the-fish being actor, comedian and daytime TV icon Ellen DeGeneres. Sometime those voices are provided by not-so-famous actors - like today's birthday.

Kaitlyn Dias was born on this date in 1999 - so she is still very young. She started acting and singing at age 5 - but just in church and school productions. She got at agent at age 11 and started working in commercials, short films, and a big Disney-Pixar movie. 

The Disney-Pixar movie, Inside Out, takes place in the mind of a young girl named Riley. The movie starred some big talents acting as the various emotions of that girl - Anger was played by Lewis Black, for example, and Disgust was played by Mindy Kaling. 
Well, they got a young girl to play the part of the young girl! In other words, Kaitlyn Dias played Riley. 

Inside Out was released in 2015, when Dias was just 16 or so. I read that she was cast as 11-year-old Riley when she was just 11 herself. That's pretty awesome!

Like many other voice artists, Dias is an actor in all ways (not JUST as a voice). But some voice artists don't appear on camera; they love doing voiceovers as narrators or in
Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams have
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animation, in movies and TV and computer games and apps and read-aloud venues. I personally would hate to be an on-camera actor, but I would love to do read-aloud work for pay (I already do a lot of read-aloud-ing within my family!).

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