May 3 - International Doodle Dog Day

Posted on May 3, 2020

Writing about holidays during a global pandemic is so tricky - because so many traditions cannot be done when we are in lockdown and social distancing. Dinner gatherings, live performances, parties, going door-to-door, parades, huge pillow fights or water-slinging fun or colored-powder-sprinkling fun, or smushing tomatoes over one another or running in a crowd alongside bulls - yeah, most holiday fun is impossible to do in our current situation! 

So I was very excited to see a holiday that might work out for stay-home-ing folks! International Doodle Dog Day? What could be more stay-home-stay-safe than drawing and doodling???

Turns out, International Doodle Dog Day has nothing to do with doodling (as in drawing) - it's about poodle-mix dogs. Specifically, it's about people who own poodle mixes (aka doods) gathering together with their dogs for a variety of events. And the whole thing has been postponed to September. 

Because of the global pandemic, which many experts expect to diminish over the summer but then roar back with a second wave - in September!


But I thought, why not doodle dogs today anyway?? Here and here are some ideas of easy ways to draw cute dogs. And here is an article about how you might be able to make money selling doodles - including dog doodles!

World Laughter Day 
(First Sunday in May)

(Varies every year)

(Canceled or postponed in 2020 because of COVID-19)

(First Sunday in May)

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