April 2 – Pascua Florida Day

Posted on April 2, 2020

April 2, 1513: Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon (or one of his crew) spotted what he assumed was an island. Since Easter (Pascua, in Spanish) was just a few days away, and since the land was covered with lush green plants and bright flowers (La Florida, in Spanish), de Leon named the "island" Pascua Florida

Of course, it turns out that Florida is a peninsula (a bit of land surrounded by water on three sides) rather than an island (a bit of land entirely surrounded by water, on all sides).

We think that the people of Ponce de Leon's expedition were the first Europeans to see Florida.

To celebrate the day, dip into the history of Florida here, or decorate with drawings of Florida flowers like these:


Purple coneflower:

Blanket flower:

Beach sunflower:


Orange Blossoms:

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