April 20, 2013 - Ram Navami

Once upon a time, there was a good prince named Lord Rama, and there was a bad king named Ravana. Ravana had kidnapped Rama's wife, but Rama discovered where she was and made a plan to rescue her.

Rama's army of monkeys and bears set out to build a bridge so that Lord Rama could reach the land where his wife was held captive. Small creatures such as birds and even a lowly squirrel helped, too. The monkeys and bears were moving huge boulders to create the bridge, and birds tossed down small pebbles to fill the gaps between the giant rocks. All that the squirrel could do to contribute was to move some sand. Some of the larger animals thought that the squirrel's contribution was meaningless—and that it was just getting in their way as they did much more important work.

What do you think that Lord Rama said about that? Find the entire story here

Get your festive on!

Lord Rama is sometimes called the “Prince of the Golden Age.” The people of India celebrate his birthday today (actually, started the celebration yesterday evening). Here are some of the things people do to celebrate:

  • Some people fast (which means do not eat for a period of time).

  • Thousands of people gather on the banks of the sacred river Sarayu for a dip.

  • People pray and sing songs at midday, when Lord Rama is said to have been born.

  • There is a procession with a decorated chariot and people dressed up in costumes—and with happy shouts praising Rama's reign.

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