April 9 - National Unicorn Day in Scotland

Posted on April 9, 2020

Did you know that the unicorn is Scotland's national animal?

A symbol of purity, of magic, and of rare things, Scots also think of the unicorn as a symbol of grace, strength, and freedom...

Way back in the 1300s, the unicorn appeared on the Scottish Coat of Arms (mandated by William I), and the next century, under James I, unicorns were depicted on gold coins. 

When England and Scotland were joined to make Great Britain, in 1603, the national animals of the two appeared together on the Royal Arms: the lion, representing England, and the unicorn, representing Scotland...

Scots sometimes take the time, today, to "hunt" for unicorns carved into decorations on old buildings or fountains or monuments or even gateposts. The rest of us can play along, too, although we might have to look at fairy tale books, children's toys, and myths and legends websites!

If you love unicorns, you could actually collect them. Stationery, posters, books, calendars, stuffed toys, pencil tops, clothing and accessories, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and much more!

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