April 29 - International Noise Awareness Day

Posted on April 29, 2020

Really loud sounds can, obviously, damage our hearing.

And noise can cause stress - which is bad for our health.

Noise is one of the big complaints of living in at least some parts of some cities. Honking, whistles, sirens, construction noise, road work, industrial noise, noisy vehicles, too-loud music, shouting and crying and barking - all of these noises can be a problem by themselves, and when you experience all of them together - yikes!

Today's the day to pay attention to noise pollution in your worksite, schools, neighborhoods, and wider community. And to do something about it! Write letters to city council members and other governmental officials. Complain to companies that are filling your ears with clangs and booms and other loud noises. 

Did you know that walls and plants - especially hedges and bushes like hollies and junipers, with lots of thick branches relatively low down - are good at reducing noise?

Also, running water can mask quite a lot of bothersome noise. 

If you are in a noisy place or doing a noisy activity, protect your ears with ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones. 

Of course, you should make sure you are not adding to noise pollution! Wear earbuds rather than blasting your music to all during a walk. Maintain your vehicles. Keep your voice down outside and the TV volume down inside.

If you live somewhere fairly noisy, try to add some quiet minutes to your day. Can you go to a large park where the only sounds are soft nature sounds? Make one room extra quiet by hanging tapestries on the walls and thick curtains at the windows. 

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