April 10 - Happy Birthday, Katrina Leskanich!

Posted on April 10, 2020

A woman born on this date in 1960 in Kansas, in the United States, won the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom?

Katrina Leskanich's dad served in the U.S. Air Force. Like most military families, the Leskanich family moved around a bunch. In 1976 the family moved to the U.K. 

That was the perfect age for a teenaged musician to get to know people and get in a band. That band was caked Mama's Cookin' - and it was a cover band. That means that the members didn't write their own music, but instead performed other people's songs. Several members were American, and I assume the rest were Brits; the pop band specialized in covering American groups.

Leskanich was featured on vocals and keyboards. 

When singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kimblerly Rew joined the group, they renamed themselves the Waves. Rew kept writing songs that featured Leskanich's voice, so eventually the group became Katrina and the Waves.

Their song "Walking on Sunshine" became a worldwide success. 

The band won a Grammy, recorded a lot, toured even more, performed a song for a TV series, and won the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest with "Love Shine a Light." But about two years after that win, the group disbanded.

Still, Katrina continues to record, perform, sing "Walking on Sunshine," and enjoy life. She also branched out into authoring travel guides, with photographic guide books about London and Cornwall - and traveling with dogs!

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