April 1 - Silly Walk Parade?!

Posted on April 1, 2020

Last year, the people of Budapest, Hungary, celebrated April Fool's Day by holding a Silly Walk Parade!

Way back when, in the 1970s series Monty Python, actor John Cleese played a bureaucrat who was in charge of the "Ministry of Silly Walks."

Inspired by that, hundreds of people took to the streets in a very silly way:

Check out this video.

The idea was to lay down daily worries and chores and let off steam by being (and walking!) silly. This year, we all have a lot more worries than ever but can't get together in huge crowds! So...commemorate last year's parade by walking silly in the privacy of your own home. Or maybe organize the neighbors to walk silly, each isolated in your own front yard - but everyone will be able to see one another!

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