October 22 – Twin Artists Born!

Posted October 22, 2018

Twins have always fascinated us. There are identical twins and fraternal twins and more rare types such as mirror-image twins and half-identical twins. Twins are usually raised together - they are, after all, brothers or sisters! - but sometimes there are circumstances when they are separated early in their life and they are raised in different environments, by different caregivers.

Most of us who are not twins ask how alike twins are. We often marvel at the fact that we can't tell them apart. Or we wonder why a pair of twins are so-so-so-so different. Scientists are particularly interested in identical twins who are raised separately - they try to suss out how the different upbringings of people who are identical DNA-wise impacts their lives.

Paul Raud
Kristjan Raud
Today is the birthday of two Estonian brothers, Kristjan and Paul Raud, who both chose to become painters and art teachers. They both became well known. Parts of their lives, they lived and worked far from one another. During other portions of their lives, they traveled and lived together.

Look how different their painting styles are:

Above are four paintings by Paul Raud.
He painted a lot of portraits, using a realistic
style. In his landscapes, he was influenced
by Impressionism.

Below are four paintings by Kristjan Raud.
He uses folklore elements, and his style is
similar to Primitivism.


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