October 12 – Thanks for the Dizziness, Al Held!

Posted October 12, 2018

There are some artists that paint pretty stuff. Super restful stuff that makes you feel good.

Pretty in Pink, by Graham Gercken

And of course there are a lot of artists who paint dark stuff - paintings that make you feel upset about the worst aspects of humanity!

A Copse, Evening, by A. Y. Jackson

Works by Al Held, who was born on this date in 1928, sometimes manage to make me feel a little bit dizzy!

Of course, like other artists, Held created all sorts of different sorts of paintings, and most are not dizzying at all. His alphabet paintings are interesting because there is so very little information about which letter he was painting - and yet it is pretty darned clear which letter he was painting!!

Can you see that the first one is an "I" and the second an "X"?

These paintings remind me of "hippie" or "psychedelic" fonts that were super popular when I was young teen:

Held's alphabet paintings and the hippie fonts create readable letters (at least, they're readable to me!) even though they're pretty abstract. They take the most crucial bits of background away from around the letter, so that the text is mostly solid letter, rather than being mostly background, like most fonts:

Above, hippie font - mostly letters.
Below, an ordinary font - mostly background.

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