October 4 - National Ship in a Bottle Day

Posted October 4, 2018

It seems like magic: a ship in a bottle. How on earth could it be built inside there? How on earth could it be put inside once it's built? How on earth could a bottle be blown around an already-constructed model ship? Why on earth would any ever bother to create a ship in a bottle?

The answer to the last one is complex:

First, the craft evolved back when sailors had little to do to pass the time on long voyages. And there are always at least a few people who love to keep alive old craft traditions.

Plus, of course, some people love love love ships. Some people love building models. Some people love a challenge.

 And some people love a mystery and will gladly pay way more money for a ship in the bottle than for just any old model ship!

Most ships in bottles are carefully crafted outside of the bottle, with the masts and sails hinged and lying flat so that they will fit through the neck of the bottle. Once the ship model is positioned inside the bottle, the crafter gently pulls the strings attached to the masts so that the sails and rigging rise up into place. 

The reason that Ship in a Bottle Day is held on October 4 is that it is the birthday of Jack Hinkley, who was the founder of the Ship in Bottle Association of America.

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