October 14 - Petkovden in Bulgaria

Posted October 14, 2018

Today is Saint Paraskeva's Day. This female saint, who is also called St. Petka, is said to be the protector of home and family. Name days are important in Bulgaria, so those named Paraskeva, Petyo, Petka and Petko, Petkana, Penka, Parush, Petrich, Petra, Pencho, and Keva are celebrated today.

Traditionally, this day marks the end of the last autumn sowing and harvesting, and the parking of the plow until spring. 

A traditional meal for Petkovden is veal or mutton, stuffed vine leaves, tripe and onion soup, and bread.

It's probably not the time to go traipsing around the countryside, enjoying nature. Even though Bulgaria has some awesome nature:

Instead, it's time for inward-pulling, for church, for coziness indoors. Some people call this special day Winter Petkovden, because the day ushers in a sort of hunkering down for winter.

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