October 22 – International Caps Lock Day

Posted on October 22, 2013

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There is a laughable amount of disagreement about what today is all about. Some people say that International Caps Lock Day is an effort to get rid of the caps lock key SO PEOPLE CAN'T SHOUT ON THE INTERNET ANYMORE!!!

(Or at least, they wouldn't be able to do it as easily.)

Other people say that we are CELEBRATING the caps lock key, and for the entire day we should make sure that all of our texts, e-mails, tweets, status updates, and other forms of communication are in ALL CAPS.

ALL CAPS = anger, even rage.
I wonder if maybe the guy who created this so-called holiday in 2000 just started it on a goof and is surprised that anybody at all noticed it!

Seriously, though, it is considered rude to type messages to people in social media, text, or e-mails in all caps. PASS THE WORD!

In other Capitalization news...

Apparently the U.S. Federal Highway Administration has directed cities, towns and states to replace ALL CAPS street signs with street signs in Capital and Lower Case Letters. Their reason?... The latter has been proved to be more legible. I don't know if anybody has complied with this directive. Anyone notice a sign-switcheroo?

  • There are a fair number of rules about when to use capital letters. As you have probably guessed, these rules are different in different languages. For example, in English we capitalize the names of the days and months, but not the names of the seasons. In Spanish and French, none of these names are capitalized. Here is a quick reference for capitalization rules in English.

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