October 5 - Chic Spy Day

Posted October 5, 2018

Today is not about nitty gritty reality:

A spy's life is dangerous, difficult, and generally incredibly non-glamorous. Spies often have to lie to almost everyone, including family and friends, and they sometimes have to make terrible decisions in which there are no possible choices that seem good and ethical. 

But! - in entertainment...

In the movies and on TV, and to some extent in books, spies may be elegant, beautiful, fashionable, likable people who live seemingly wealthy and glamorous lives with just a spice of action-adventure and danger thrown in. They almost always have high tech devices to help them do their jobs, and they often have high morals and incredible devotion to partner, job, and country.

Unless they're the bad guy. In which case, all bets are off - they may be gorgeous or unattractive, they may be smooth or bumbling, they may be charming or out-and-out jerks.

Today's light-hearted holiday is supposed to be about stylish and fashionable spies on stage and screen. Chic Spy Day is on October 5 because today is the anniversary of the 1962 debut of the most iconic spy of all, James Bond.

Celebrate by watching chic spies, by researching to discover the most chic spies in real-life history, or in the history of movies, or maybe by enjoying the counterpoint of not-so-chic spies. Here are a few of my favorite spy TV shows:

Chuck - TV show - 5 seasons - Amazon Prime
A comedy about a nerdy, not-very-fashionable, accidental spy.

Burn Notice - TV show - 7 seasons - Amazon

This show has some mature material, but mostly in a wise-cracky kind of way, with a good-guys-mostly-win vibe.
Plus - Burn Notice has a lot of explosions!

Get Smart - TV show - 5 seasons - possibly you can watch on Classic TV on the Web?
This is a seriously old show - from 1965! my own childhood! It's a comedy, obviously, about a lovable bumbler.

And here are some highly rated spy movies for kids.  

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