September 9 - Care Bears Share Your Care Day

Posted on September 9, 2018

Waayy back in the 1980s, there were these toys called the Care Bears. 

Well, of course, there have been several revivals of the Care Bears, relaunches of toys and of the the characters in TV shows. So maybe you've heard of them?

But when my daughters were little, the Care Bears were fresh and new and REALLY popular. With little kids, that is!

There were plush teddy-bear-sized Care Bears.

There were small plastic Care Bear action figures.

There were Care Bear board games and cards and stickers, and there were Care Bear lunch boxes and Care Bear backpacks and Care Bear sheets.

There were Care Bear story books, coloring books, paint-with-water books, and activity books, and there were Care Bear TV shows and greeting cards and eventually movies!

There was, basically, Care Bear EVERYTHING!!!

Today isn't the anniversary of the Care Bears 1982 launch - that was on September 24 - but is instead a Twitter party and charity event. It's all about expressing our caring for others, being generous, contributing time and money to worthy causes - and sharing with others what caring activities we're doing. It's all about taking inspiration from others' shared caring, and helping others take inspiration from ours!

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