September 15 - Google Day AND National Online Learning Day

Posted on September 15, 2018

Thanks to the internet, the world has a LOT of words and phrases, now, that it didn't when I was a kid. For one thing, there's the word internet itself!

Online. Website. YouTube. Social media. Google. Search engine. Blog. Distance learning. 

Those are just a few of the words that and names that have entered our language:
Before you ask a teacher, google your question and see if you can find out on your own. You are much more likely to remember an answer you discovered on your own. 
My friend is a YouTuber who even has sponsors for her vlog.

Today is the anniversary of the registration of the domain! That happened in 1997, so Google turns 21 years old today!

Google is, of course, a search engine that helps people find information and websites on the internet. With about a billion and a half websites on the world wide web today (about 200 million of which are active), there would be no way to enjoy the information age without some method of searching for particular topics or particular specific sites.

Google isn't the only search engine. There's also Bing, Yahoo,,, and some I've never heard of like Wolframalpha.

Online learning usually refers to the use of specifically educational websites and online services. But, actually, everything from Do-It-Yourself videos on YouTube to Wikipedia, from multiplayer video games to online comic books - everything helps us learn something! 

The official website for National Online Learning Day reminds us that online learning is for everybody, from preschoolers to seniors. Even folks in poverty stricken communities can often access computers or smart phones and hook up to WiFi - maybe in libraries or schools. And once hooked up, the possibilities are endless!

Here is a list of "the top" (as in most popular) platforms for online education, aka eLearning. 

And this list is full of more unusual learning sites such as Google Earth Blog, Atlas Obscura, and Instructables.


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