September 9, 2011 - Ice Cream Maker Patented

– 1843

Nancy M. Johnson is credited with inventing the hand-churned ice cream maker that can be used at home. It may surprise you that her mid-19th Century freezer set-up is the same used in 21st Century home ice cream makers!

The metal inner can with all the yummy milk-and-sugar-and-fruit ingredients is placed into the outer bucket. Ice and salt are placed between the inner and outer containers. The salt lowers the freezing temperature of the ice. A layer of milk freezes on the inside of the inner can, and the rotating paddle scrapes it off, allowing another layer to freeze, which in turn is scraped off...

If you make your own ice cream, you can experiment with wild and wacky flavors such as Buttered Popcorn, Strawberry Basil, or Chocolate-covered Potato Chips. I don't personally suggest squid, ox tongue, or eel ice cream—but they exist in Japan!

Make ice cream today!

Here is a website with ice cream recipes to follow, learn from, or use as a starting point. 

Don't have an ice cream maker? You could try making ice cream in a bag

By any other name...

Do you know the difference between ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard, sorbet, sherbet, gelato, ices, Icee, soft serve, shaved ice, snow cones? And what the heck are Dippin' Dots?

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