September 20 - National String Cheese Day

Posted on September 20, 2018

Why does string cheese taste better when pulled off into strings rather than just bitten in a hunk?

For me, it reminds me of so many informal picnics from my childhood, when we would eat fresh-baked Armenian flatbread and stringy string cheese. 

You may have wondered why string cheese is stringy. It turns out that the answer is simple: for mozzarella string cheese, the cheese is heated to 140 degrees. At that temperature, the milk proteins line up in a row - and voilá! - the cheese is stringy!

Here's a video that shows you the process up-close.

And here are some ways to use string cheese in recipes!

Not all string cheese is simple mozzarella (although most string cheese you find in American supermarkets sure is!). Armenian string cheese typically has flavorful ingredients not found in mozzarella and is braided.

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  1. Heritage day is upon us is your home ready for a Braai?