September 1 – Luxembourg City Kermesse

Posted on September 1, 2018

Kermesse means "Church Mass" - it's a French version of the Flemish word Kerkmisse. (Normally, I believe, the French translation of "church mass" is messe d'église - but this is a specific tradition of masses associated with old fairs, sometimes called fun fairs.

Luxembourg is located between France and
Germany, tucked in just south of Belgium.
The languages of the nation will not surprise
you: French, German, and Luxembourgish.
Since Luxembourg City is the largest city in Luxembourg, and the capital, of course the biggest kermesse of all is the Grand Kermesse of Luxembourg City, associated with the fun fair called Schueberfouer.

Way back in mid-August, vendors start arriving to put up their booths in the Glacis Field near the city's center. A few days before the fair's opening, big rides start arriving from nearby nations. And, by opening day, tons of restaurants start offering their fares at the fair!

If you can believe it, Schueberfouer started back in the 1300s. It was linked to the feast day of Saint Bartholomew, which is August 24, and it has always extended into September. This year's dates are August 23 to September 11.

The fair's origins were a huge market; shows and concerts and games were added in during the 1700s. In the early 1900s rides like the Ferris wheel and roller coasters were added to the fun. Now its a combination of fun, entertainment, culture, tradition, food, and of course the starting point - the all-important market with all sorts of things to see and try and buy:

Oh, by the way, Luxembourg City is worth checking out even aside from the fun fair:

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