September 27 – Crush a Can Day

Posted on September 27, 2018

You already recycle, right?

Whether you recycle using curbside recycling bins or you take them to a special recycling center, where you get money, you probably already recycle glass, aluminum, yard waste, and hopefully plastic and paper.

But today is a holiday to encourage EVERYONE in your community to recycle, as well by having some fun activities that focus on recyclable containers.

Hold crush-a-can contests, and see who is the fastest to crush 10 cans. (This guy is amazing!)

Have a party. Use recyclables to decorate in innovative ways - and be sure to do some crushing with your guests! At the end of the party, of course, you can recycle everything for $$$.

Check out how to make party lights from plastic bottles.

Do some upcycling with aluminum cans. Remember, if you use, say, aluminum pull tabs to make something like a mesh-looking light, you will probably end up answering a lot of interested questions - and you can promote recycling to lots of people. When you no longer want the light, you can then recycle the pull tabs! 

Here are some more upcycling ideas.

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