September 28 – Teacher's Day in Taiwan

Posted on September 28, 2018

Many years ago, I wrote about the birthday of Confucius. Because today is his birthday, and Confucius is considered a great teacher, today is Teacher's Day in Taiwan.

This holiday starts early, with ceremonies at temples of Confucius all around the island. At 6 a.m., drum beats begin the ceremony. 

Musicians and dancers perform. Colors and numbers are important - there are always 54 musicians dressed in purplish robes with blue belts, and there are either 36 or 64 dancers dressed in yellow with green belts.

The holiday continues at schools and includes students entertaining their teachers with humor, song, and dance. Some schools schedule field trips to enjoy natural beauty or sporting activities. Students usually give their teachers personalized cards.

Here are some lovely spots that teachers and students may want to visit today:

Taroko National Park

The Golden Waterfall

Shimen Cave

Nantou County

Also on this date:

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