August 26 – Happy Birthday, Peggy Guggenheim

Posted on August 26, 2017

When I hear the name "Guggenheim," I think of the art museum in New York City. It's famous for its cool building (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) and its great collection of impressionist, modern, and contemporary art.

Today's famous birthday, Peggy Guggenheim, collected modern art and created a museum. But not THE Guggenheim, the one that I know. 

Born on this date in 1898, Peggy Guggenheim was part of a wealthy New York City family. Her father, tragically, died on the Titanic when Peggy was just a teenager, and she ended up with a much, much smaller inheritance than her cousins. However, she still had money - and family connections.

It was her uncle, Solomon R. Guggenheim, who established a foundation that started that NYC art museum.

Peggy Guggenheim loved art and began to hang out with artists and writers. She slowly began to collect art, and she exhibited her art collection even as she was building it. She opened a gallery in London, and she made plans to open a museum in London or Paris - but World War II put the kibosh on those plans. 

After World War II, she settled in Venice, Italy, and started exhibiting her collection there. Now the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the biggest attractions in Venice.

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