August 21 – Total Solar Eclipse

Posted on August 21, 2017

Today is the day that all kinds of human-made problems are supposed to break out. 

Maybe gigantic traffic jams. Travelers stranded by overbooked planes. Trash left behind by a million tourists. 

Or...maybe most things will stay relatively sane.

Whatever happens, today is THE day of the first solar eclipse to be mostly in the United States in almost a century.

In the past 99 years - all of my life, and all of my mom's life, and even most of HER mom's (long gone, now) life! - there hasn't been a total solar eclipse that has hit the U.S. "from sea to shining sea"... 

But today, there will be!

And it's the first total solar eclipse to hit any of the "lower 48" states in 38 years.

I knew about today's solar eclipse a year ago - and at that point hotel rooms in the areas of totality nearest to my home were ALREADY sold out! We got a hotel room just an hour away from totality...

Hopefully, we'll be in on "the show."

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