August 29 – Happy Birthday, Temple Grandin

Posted on August 29, 2017

If you were a professor of animal science at a university, would you have an entry on Wikipedia?

Probably not.

If you had autism, would you have an entry on Wikipedia?

Probably not.

But if someone made a movie about your life - and that movie was titled with your name - and that movie won multiple awards - then you for sure would have a Wikipedia entry. And Temple Grandin is all of these things!

Grandin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on this date in 1947. She was lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family - so when she was diagnosed with "brain damage" at age 2, and her mom didn't want to simply institutionalize her, there was enough money to seek out specialists and hire tutors and, later, get admission to cool private schools.

When Grandin was in her teens, her mother saw a checklist about autism, and since then the so called "brain damage" has been understood to be a brain difference that could be best understood to be on the autism spectrum. 

As an adult, not only has Grandin been able to excel in her field, and teach it at a university, she has been able to speak out on behalf of people with autism! She invented a device to help people with autism; she has given a TED talk; she has been featured in a variety of TV shows; she has won many different awards. She was even one of Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people in the world!

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