August 5 – Sandcastle Day

(First Saturday in August)

Posted on August 5, 2017

I just got a big bundle of sand toys and am looking forward to making a sandcastle on the beach. 

I don't love all the sun I get at the beach, but the breeze is usually cool and lovely, and it's fun to scoop and shape all the moist sand, and then watch your sandcastle slowly dry out ... 

and then slowly get wiped away by the incoming tide!

...or possibly be destroyed QUICKLY, by one big wave!

Today is Sandcastle Day, and it's a great day to hold a family sandcastle contest, or to make a giant, cooperative sand sculpture, or maybe even to attend a sponsored contest. (There is one near me, in Manhattan Beach - but tomorrow!)

Check out this guide on how to build sandcastles. Or maybe you prefer this other guide.

Now...for inspiration, check out these pictures of some very cool sandcastles:

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