November 21 – Celebrating North Carolina

Posted on November 21, 2016

North Carolina by the numbers:

1 of the 13 original colonies
1 of 10 states that have 2-word names (can you name the others? ...answers below)
1 of 2 states with a name that starts with “North”
12th to join the U.S. (on this date in 1789)
10th (out of 11) to secede from the U.S. during the Civil War
9 out of 50 in population
28 out of 50 in size (area)

Check out these beautiful sights in North Carolina:

Callasaja Falls
Jockey's Ridge State Park

I remember being mesmerized by the natural beauty of North Carolina...
and then finding out that I was in the very spot where the movie "Last of the
Mohicans" was filmed -- and I'd been mesmerized by the natural beauty of that
movie's setting, too!

Linville Falls, above, and Chimney Rock, below, were part of the
region where the movie was filmed.

Mile High Swinging Bridge - yikes!

The "Road to Nowhere" -- not a magical place, but instead a place of
broken promises!
The rest of these photos are from the lovely Craggy Bottoms Trail...

...including a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the trail!


States with 2-word names:
New Jersey
New York
New Hampshire
New Mexico
Rhode Island
North Carolina
South Carolina
North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia

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