November 7 – Happy Birthday, Lorde!

Posted on November 7, 2016

Her real name is pretty long: Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor.

Her stage name is a lot shorter: Lorde.

Born on this date in New Zealand, in 1996, Lorde became interested in music and performing when she was just a kid. Turns out, she was good. So good that, in her early teens, she signed with a global music corporation and later was paired with a songwriter and music producer named Joel Little.

Turns out, she didn't just sing – she was good at writing songs, too. Little and Lorde co-wrote many (most?) of her songs. Her first major release happened in 2013, when Lorde was just 17 years old. It was a hit in New Zealand and Australia, reaching #2 in both countries. Still in 2013, Lorde released a single called “Royals.” And ba-ba-boom! Suddenly, Lorde was global.

Here are some things that happened:

  • Royals” became an international hit.
  • Lorde became the youngest solo artist to achieve a U.S. #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 in more than a quarter century.
  • Lorde became the only “kiwi” (New Zealander) to achieve a U.S. #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, ever.
  • Lorde and “Royals” won two Grammy Awards – Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Song of the Year – in 2014.

    (Strangely, she wasn't even nominated for Best New Artist of the year – even though, at age 17, she was clearly a newbie on the global music scene. Instead, an act that had won a Grammy Award in 2012 won the 2014 Best New Artist! How...? Why...? What...? I do not get that, at all!)

  • By the way, Lorde has also won multiple New Zealand Music Awards and Silver Scroll Awards, Billboard Music Awards, World Music Awards, and one Brit Award and one MTV Video Music Award.
  • There was a bidding war to sign a publishing deal, and Lorde ended up signing for $2.5 million (U.S. dollars).
  • She was chosen to create a song for one of the Hunger Games movies.
  • Lorde was named one of Time's most influential teenagers in the world and appears on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list.
  • Lorde is even represented by a wax figure in the Madame Toussauds Hollywood!
Lorde, in wax!
Lorde turns 20 today. She's already got a shelf full of prestigious awards, a Wikipedia page and a Madame Toussauds wax figure!?! Well done, indeed!

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