November 8 – World Town Planning Day

Posted on November 8, 2016

Did you know that there are people in the world who try to plan how best to use land in order to keep the environment clean, in order to increase people's health and happiness, and to make our towns and cities beautiful? Town planners have to think about air, water, infrastructure such as roads and bridges, transportation, communications, and so forth.

Some town planners – also known as urban planners – go to meetings or conferences. Today there is an online conference that includes talks about “Developing in Flood-Prone Areas” and “Island Living: Hazardous to Your Health?” It looks like town planners are learning how to deal with global climate change and rising sea levels!

Here and here are some resources to help kids learn about urban planning. Of course, a great way of encouraging kids to learn about town planning (among other things) is Minecraft

Apparently even professional planners use Minecraft as a tool!

Here are just a few of the communities in the United States that are threatened by rising sea levels:

Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana
Tanger Island, Virginia
Kivalina, Alaska

And these island nations are among the many that are threatened as well:


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