November 21, 2012 - World Hello Day

Our “assignment” on World Hello Day is super simple: greet at least ten people today.

Personal communication, smiles, greetings, simple human kindness are a theme today, but the goal is to build world peace by starting small and local and personal. The people who created this event, which is observed by people in 180 countries, say, “Greet ten people for peace.”

Apparently this event was inspired by the conflict between Egypt and Israel in the fall of 1973. Sigh. These days, as you know, there is still conflict between Israel and its Arab and Persian neighbors, and we all want the Gaza conflict to end as quickly and peacefully as possible. I guess there is as much need for a World Hello Day as ever!

Hello, hola, guten tag!

Match the greetings below with the languages:









Kia ora



LANGUAGES: French, German, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Maori, Persian, Spanish, Swahili, worldwide

This ipl2 website has a pretty cool page for kids to explore saying hello to the world. 

Someone named Jennifer has collected greetings in 2,400 languages

Here is a Hello Song with worldwide greetings. 

Answers: Hola - Spanish; Aloha - Hawaiian; Bonjour - French; Shalom - Hebrew; Salaam - Persian; Hi - worldwide; Jambo? - Swahili; Kia ora - Maori; Konnichiwa - Japanese; Tag! - German

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