November 22 – Rise of the Concorde and the Stealth Bomber

Posted on November 22, 2016

It's apparently not enough to fly through the air like a bird, anymore. These days,
we want faster flights, cheaper flights, more luxurious flights, flights to more places...and even sneakier flights!

On this date in 1977, British Airways began service to New York City on a supersonic jet with turbojet! “Supersonic” means “faster than sound,” but in this case it means a jet that can travel over twice the speed of sound!

The Concorde was a project created by French and British companies, and only Air France and British Airways purchased any of the airplanes. These planes offered much greater speed than most, plus luxury – but at a fairly large cost! The Concorde was pretty much for rich people.

On this date in 1988, the first B-2 Spirit stealth bomber was shared with the world. A stealth bomber is even more inaccessible for us average citizens, since it is a military vehicle designed to penetrate defenses that would detect most aircraft.

How does it do that?

The stealth bomber uses multi-spectral camouflage to confuse radar. It uses special anti-reflective paint so that it is hard to spot visually. It uses technologies to dampen the sound that would normally accompany a jet flying by, and it even has ways to confuse infrared sensors!

Check out this website about Concorde, and then check out this movie about the stealth bomber.

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