November 15 – Proclamation of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Posted on November 15, 2016

The island of Cyprus has been the home of humans since the Stone Age – since way before there was a Greece or a Turkey. However, in historic times he was settled /conquered / occupied by many different groups, including Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Arabs, French, Venetians, and Ottoman Turks.

Then it was administered and then annexed by Britain.

Cyprus was granted independence in 1960. Trouble soon started between the majority Greek-speaking Cypriots and the Turkish-speaking Cypriots. For years sporadic violence broke out between the factions. When Greece and then Turkey got involved by sending over armies, things came to a boiling point.

On this date in 1983, Northern Cyprus declared its independence under the name Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

So far, no other nation in the world has accepted Northern Cyprus as a legitimate nation except Turkey. However, even though Northern Cyprus isn't officially independent, the island is divided, and the northern portion is being ruled by a different government.

Here are some places to learn about in Northern Cyprus:

  • The port city of Kyrenia used to be about half Greek/Christian and about half Turkish/Muslim, but when Turkey invaded, the Greek Cypriots fled or were kicked out. Now Turkish Cypriots, settlers from Turkey, and British expats live in the city.

    It's considered the tourist capital of Northern Cyprus, and there are many hotels and a lively nightlife. Three universities are located there, and the city hosts an annual culture and arts festival.

  • Salamis is an ancient Greek city-state. There are plenty of ancient ruins to discover there!

  •  The beaches of Northern Cyprus are said to be quieter than those in Cyprus.

  • Of course there are bound to many many lovely mosques in Northern Cyprus. This one is in Nicosia, the capital city that is divided by a U.N. Buffer Zone. 

Speaking of the Buffer Zone, check it out:

Note that the sign says "No Photos Allowed."
Well, someone's been taking photos:

This is the abandoned airport (above) and an underground parking lot (below).

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