November 28 – Cider Monday

Posted on November 28, 2016

First there was “Black Friday” - the semi-official start of the Christmas shopping season in the United Sates, a day when stores open ridiculously early and shoppers line up even more ridiculously early for bargains and sales and even a wee bit of hysteria.

Black Friday is traditionally (since the early 1930s) the Friday after the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving.

Then there was Cyber Monday – held the Monday after Thanksgiving – a marketing scheme to get people to shop for Christmas gifts online. Once again, it's seen as a day to get great prices (if you're a shopper) and loads of sales (if you're selling stuff).

Cyber Monday made its debut in 2005.

Now there's Cider Monday. Also on the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cider Monday is a chance to step away from our computers and maybe even from bargain hunting – a chance to slow down and warm up – a chance to support the arts and local businesses.

Specifically, we are urged to go to independent book sellers – actual bookstores with walls and shelves of books to handle and leaf through and read the back covers. Some bookstores are offering free hot cider – and if you're lucky enough to be sipping the warm, fruity/spicy stuff, hopefully you'll take the time to scan the shelves for the next great book to read!

Apple cider is a kind of apple juice – the really yummy kind! It's unfiltered, unsweetened, and often heated and mulled. To be mulled is to be heated with slices of orange and lemon, and with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.

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