October 30, 2012 - Checklist Day

The reason for this day is a tragedy: On this date in 1935, a plane crashed while taking off. Afterwards, people tried to find out why, and they discovered that a gust lock was still engaged (whatever that means)—and, I guess, shouldn't have been. A group of pilots sat down together and discussed what could be done to prevent future accidents. They came up with a checklist to go through, each and every time they were about to take off in a plane. Similar checklists have been used by pilots ever since.

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It's been discovered that hospital checklists save lives. NASA's space program uses many checklists for vehicles, spacesuits, and equipment. Camping checklists make enjoying the great outdoors safer and more fun, and taking a grocery checklist to the market makes you a more efficient shopper AND saves you money, because you are less likely to buy things you don't need (AND less likely to have to come back for stuff you forgot and a little more stuff you don't need).

Did you know that there is a checklist website that offers checklists for health, home, travel, and even saving the earth? There are super serious checklists, for such things as online safety and flu prevention, and there are lighter checklists, for going to places like parties and amusement parks. Check out Checklist-dot-com!

Of course, the best checklists are the ones you make yourself—after studying other people's checklists and personalizing them for your exact situation!

You might want to make a checklist for getting ready for Trick-or-Treating tomorrow (if you celebrate Halloween). I need to buy some candy and candles for the jack-o-lanterns, and my kids might need some more glow sticks and special make-up...

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