October 23, 2012 - iPod Day

Today marks the anniversary of Apple's unveiling of the very first iPod, in 2001.

It sold for $399, and its 5 GB hard drive could fit about 1,000 songs.

Now Apple sells an entire lineup of the popular music player:
  • the iPod classic, with 160 GB (40,000 songs)
  • iPod touch, with a touchscreen and many capabilities in addition to playing music (such as being a Wi-Fi internet device, game console, personal digital assistant, and more), 64 K (14,000+ songs)

  • iPod nano, a compact model with 16 GB (4,000 songs)

  • and iPod shuffle, an ultra-compact model with 2 GB (500+ songs).
In bigger news....!!!

Apple chose today, iPod Day, to hold a press conference by invitation only. It is expected to be an unveiling of yet another product, and rumors have it that it will be an iPad Mini—a smaller, cheaper version of the popular iPad tablet. By the time you read this, these rumors may well be either confirmed or denied.

Phones are cameras are computers are game consoles are music players are e-readers...

These days, many phones are getting larger screens and more capabilities, with sophisticated cameras, hundreds of games and practical apps, and full-on computer functions. Tablets are getting thinner and (in some cases) smaller. E-readers with color capabilities and interactivity are being introduced (and are arguably really tablets). The iPod Touch has always been like a really small tablet.

I wonder which of all these sorts of different products will still exist in 20 years. Will everybody just carry around one slim device capable of just about everything and backed up with “the cloud”? And what would that device be called?

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