October 21, 2012 - G4G Day

Today is known as “Gathering for Gardner Day” and “Celebration of Mind Day.” It is a celebration of puzzles, math, Lewis Carroll, skepticism and rationality.

Most of all, it is a celebration of the life and work of Martin Gardner.

Martin Gardner, born on this date in 1914, “teased” brains with math puzzles in Scientific American magazine for decades, and he also wrote more than 70 books. Many of his books were compendiums of puzzles, but not all; he wrote Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus, Martin Gardner's Table Magic, The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener, The Annotated Alice,* and many other non-puzzle books. 

* By the way, if you're wondering why a mathematical puzzles creator wrote a book about Alice in Wonderland (and, it turns out, became a bit of an expert on Alice's author Lewis Carroll), remember that Lewis Carroll was a pen name for Charles Dodgson, a mathematician and math teacher at Christ Church College, part of Oxford University.


Have some fun with Martin Gardner (and Martin Gardner-esque) puzzles on Puzzle Playground.

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